Friday, 14 May 2010

Conference Programme

Wednesday Room A
9:00-10:30 Fashion 1: Fashion and Celebrity

Pamela Church Gibson, London College of Fashion (UK)
George, Brad, David Beckham and Tom Ford: A Single Man, Celebrity Culture and the Complexities of Contemporary Cinema

Sarah Gilligan, Hartlepoole College of Further Education (UK)
From Fresh Prince to Fashion Icon, Will Smith, Sci-fi Cinema and Transformation

Noel McLaughlin, Northumbria University, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, (UK)
“Bono! Do you ever take those sunglasses off? Clothing, masculinity and the contradictory significations of the performing Irish body”

11:00-12.30 Fashion 2: Fashion and Film
Helen Warner, University of East Anglia (UK)
Expressive/Excessive: Fashion, Costume and Ugly Betty

Anita Boyd and Michael Adair, Griffith Queensland (Aus)
The Revolutionary Costumier for Today: Little Eddie Beale Returns from the Margins

Kim Mc Namara, University of Western Sydney (Aus)
From Pap Shot to High Street: Celebrities, Paparazzi and Fashion Branding

1:00-2:30 Fashion 3: Fashion, Consumption and Display
Anne Pierson-Smith, City University, Hong Kong (SAR, China)
Through the Looking Glass: The Discourse of Fashion Brands in Window Dressing as Sites of Creative Production and (in)active consumption

Vishna Collins, Macquarie University (Aus)
Fashion Curation and Sartorial Display.

Bronwyn Clark Coolee, University of Technology Sydney (Aus)
Dolled-Up: Alien Guises and Mannequin-Bodies.

3:00-4:30 Fashion 4: Fashion and Representation I
Debra Farreday, Lancaster University, (UK),
Fashioning Hybridity: Alexander McQueen's Women from Atlantis.

Claire Roussell, Independent Scholar and Artist (UK)
Give-Up Belonging

Susan Osmond, University of Technology Sydney (Aus)
Fashion, Performance and Masquerade: Representations of Cleopatra from Shakespeare to Alexander McQueen.

4:30-6:00 Fashion 5: Fashion in Practice
Lisa Hayes, Drexel University (USA)
Hybrid Fashion. Environmentally friendly Leather for the 21st Century: Benefits and Limitations in Design.

Margaret Perivoliotis, Technological Educational Institute (TEI) Athens (Greece)
Fashion History Stimulus of the Design Praxis

Elizabeth Hayman, University of Technology Sydney (Aus)
Dressing Made Tangible: Disability Perspectives

Wednesday Room B

9:00-10:30 International 1: Globalisation in Popular Culture and in Sports
John Bratzel, Michigan (USA)
Popular Culture: past, present, future.

Amit Gupta, United States Air Force Air War College, Maxwell AFB, AL, (USA)
The Globalization of Sports, the Rise of Non-Western Nations, and the Impact on International Sports.

11:00-12.30 International 2: Identity and representations
Nathan O’Reilly, University of Texas at Tyler (USA)
Waves of Fosters, Crocodiles and Ockers: Representations of Australia in American Popular Culture.

Andrew Jones, Southern Cross University, Lismore Campus (Aus)
Faith In Negotiation: Home Altars and the Popular Use of Popular Religion.

Craig Jeffrey Norris, University of Tasmania (Aus)
Japanese Cult Media Places

1:00-2:30 International 3: Popularised Otherness within the Self in East Asia
J. Colleen Berry, University of North Dakota (USA)
Hero, Traitor, Male, Female, One of Us or One of Them? Kawashima Yoshikawa in the Chinese, Japanese, and Manchurian Imagination

Yin C. Chuang, National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)
Finding the Lost Lover— Japan in Taiwan’s National Imagination

Masashi Ichiki, Chikushi Jogakuen University, Fukuoka (Japan)
Polyphonizing the National Memory: the Representation of A-bomb in the 21st Century

3:00-4:30 Film and Television 1 - Dark Days: Real and Imagined Horrors
Ben Kooyman, Flinders University (Aus)
Whose body, whose hostel?: Self-fashioning and faux feminism in two contemporary horror films

Reginia Judge, Montclair State University (USA)
An Examination of Technology, Crime and Popular Culture Through Analysis of the Film Untraceable

Scott Macleod, Flinders University (Aus)
Everything is connected – Postmodern paranoia in Memento and Memento Mori

Pawas Bisht, Loughborough University (UK)
Re-enacting “Bhopal”: Docudrama Negotiations of the “unfigurability of disaster”

4:30-6:00 Film and Television 2 - Interrogating Television
Winnie Salamon, University of Melbourne (Aus)
Reality is a bitch: reality television and the construction of the stigmatised identity

Sarah Attfield, University of Technology Sydney (Aus)
Where are the Workers? : Working Class Representation in Contemporary Australian Television

Steven Gil, University of Queensland (Aus)
Am I the Only One Here Who Sees the Alien?: Science and Folklore in the World of Invader ZIM

Roslyn Weaver, University of Western Sydney (Aus)
Yes, Doctor: The Doctor-Nurse Relationship in Medical Television Programs

Wednesday Room C

9:00-10:30 Design 1
Renata Marquez. Federal University of Minas (Brazil)
Crafts in Transit: Walking Cartographies (Part One)

Wellington Cançado, Federal University of Minas (Brazil)
Crafts in Transit: Walking Cartographies (Part Two)

Ammon Beyerle (Presenter), Richard Bruch & Stanislav Roudavski, University of Melbourne (Aus)
Melbourne’s Laneways

Martin van de Weyer, University of South Australia (Aus)
Retro Gaming Craft Culture

11:00-12.30 Design 2
Michael Bogle, University of New South Wales (Aus)
Dictator Décor

Robert Crocker, University of South Australia (Aus)
Lost Worlds: Hand-Made Tapestries in the Period-Style Interior, c.1900-1940

Derham Groves, University of Melbourne (Aus)
Feng-shui Down Under

1:00-2:30 Design 3
Barbara Hall, Monash University (Aus)
Modernity, design and Melbourne’s 1956 Olympic Games

Flavia Marcello, University of Melbourne (Aus)
Italy’s Pavilions at the 1933, 1935 and 1939 World’s Fairs

Naomi Stead, University of Queensland (Aus)
Self-Building: On Popular Architecture in Grand Designs

3:00-4:30 Design 4
Prudence Black and Ruth McDermott, University of Sydney (Aus)
Better City, Better Life? General Motors Takes on China

Jesse Adams Stein, National Library of Australia/University of Canberra (Aus)
Domesticity and Gender in the Industrial Design of Apple Computer 1977-1984

Lisa Schouron, Deakin University (Aus)
A Utopian Experiment: The significance of the shopping malls in American culture and its effects on the American psyche

4:30-6:00 Design 5
Ivana Benda, Allied Architects International (Shanghai)
The Changing Nature of Architects’ Thought Processes

Jan Benda, Allied Architects International (Shanghai)
Architecture of the Digital Age

Wednesday Vibe Out Room
9-10:30 Popular History 1: Keynotes
Ann Curthoys, University of Sydney (Aus)
Crossing Over: Academic and popular history

Michelle Arrow, Macquarie University (Aus)
The Making History initiative and Australian popular history

11:00-12.30 Popular History 2: Indigenous Popular Culture
Frances Peters-Little, University of Sydney (Aus)
The Coloured Show

Emma Dortins, University of Sydney (Aus)
Truth Triangle – the historian, meaning, and popular history

Shino Konishi, Australian National University (Aus)
Australia’s King George in context: Aboriginal masculinity in film and history

1:00-2:30 Popular History 3: Australian popular culture
Bridget Griffen-Foley, Macquarie University (Aus)
Frank Clune, Australian historian and multi-media personality

Matt Bailey, Macquarie University (Aus)
Shopping centres, multiplexes and ‘supermarket’ film going in the 1990s

Zora Simic, University of New South Wales (Aus)
You Got Nothing I Want: Oz Rock and anti-suburbia

3:00-4:30 Popular History 4: Gender, fiction and history
Amanda Laugesen, Australian National University (Aus)
Writing the Romance of the North-West, Past and Present: the 1930s fiction and drama of Henrietta Drake-Brockman

Lorna Barrow, Macquarie University (Aus)
This was a notorious woman in all the costes of Ireland: Grace O’Malley Sixteenth-century Pirate Queen: Fact, Fiction and Fascination in Popular Culture

Melissa Bellanta, University of Queensland (Aus)
Ta-ra-ra-bum-de-ay: Low femininity on stage and street in late nineteenth century Australia

4:30-6:00 Popular History 5: War and conflict
Shane Steven Smits, Auckland (New Zealand)
The Karate Tea House of the World at War: Okinawan History Portrayed in American Popular Culture

John Docker, University of Sydney (Aus)
Storm Troopers of Empire: Breaker Morant and Naguib Mahfouz’s Palace Walk, a Massacre Studies and World History Perspective

Hsu-Ming Teo, Macquarie University (Aus)
Popular history and the Chinese martial arts biopic

Thursday Room A

9-10:30 Fashion 6: Fashion and Representation II
Juliette Peers, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Aus),
No Fear of the Red Whore? Contextualising Erotic Porcelain Figures from Wilhelmine Germany

Karen di Perthius, Independent Scholar (Aus)
Fashion and Memory

Prudence Black, Insearch, University of Technology Sydney (Aus)
Strapped to the Drainpipe: Mrs Peel and the Vinyl Catsuit.

11:00-12.30 Fashion 7 : Fashion and Masculinities
Nick Rees-Roberts, University of Bristol (UK)
Hedi Slimane: Refashioning Masculinity- Dior Homme and Beyond.

G Mehera Gerardo, Youngstown University (USA)
The Zoot Suit as Battleground for Conflicting Expressions of Masculinity

Vicki Karaminas, University of Technology Sydney (Aus)
Vampire Dandies: Reconceptualising Male Identities in Fashion and Popular Culture.

1:00-2:30 Fashion 8: Feminism, Style and the Body Politic
Emily Howes, University of Technology Sydney (Aus)
Indie Craft, the New Domesticity and where that Leaves Feminism

Anne Cecil, Drexel University, (USA)
Punk Rock: Alive and Well in Philadelphia

Samantha Holland, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK)
Keeping Fit in Six Inch Heels Clothing in Pole Dancing Classes.

3:00-4:30 Pop Fiction 1: Creative Genres
Christine Runnell, Flinders University (Aus)
Iphigenia and the Little Kittens of Death.

Margot McGovern, Flinders University (Aus)
Fitting into a New School: The Challenges of Relocating a Popular American Form to an Australian Campus Setting

Angelina Mirabito, Deakin University (Aus)
Mixed Up

Thursday Room B

9:00-10:30 Film and Television 3 - Adaptations and Histories
Giselle Bastin, Flinders University (Aus)
Depictions of 1930s English Aristocracy and Country Homes in Remains of the Day and Gosford Park

D. Bruno Starrs, Queensland University of Technology (Aus)
Luhrmanns Gatsby: Great or Grate?

Adrian Schober, Australian Catholic University (Aus)
Adapting a children’s literary classic: Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

11:00-12.30 Film and Television 4 - Film and Television Industries
John Beaton, Curtin University of Technology (Aus)
Gambling is good for the film industry: An analysis of how 15 years of Lotteries Commission Funding towards the Arts has helped WA documentary production become more internationally focused

James Nadler, Janice Kaye, and Charles H. Davis (Ryerson University)
Who's Running the Show? Creative and Economic Showrunner Models in the U.S. and Canada

Natalie Rhook, University of Melbourne (Aus)
The influence of The Beatles films on subsequent music films and music documentaries

1:00-2:30 Film and Television 5 - Zombies, Mobsters and Teaching
Chris Moore, Ruth Walker and Andrew Whelan, University of Wollongong (Aus)
Zombies and zombiedom in popular culture and the academy

Norma Connolly and Ofelia Rodriguez-Srednicki, Montclair State University (USA) Deconstructing The Sopranos: An Approach to General Education Requirement

3:00-4:30 Design 6
Nanette Carter, Swinburne University (Aus)
Man with a Plan: DIY and Masculinity in Post-War Australia

Viet Trinh Hong, University of Melbourne (Aus)
Shop Windows in Hanoi and Melbourne

Judith Glover, Swinburne University (Aus)
The evolution of sex toys- from taboo to mainstream….a design perspective

Thursday Room C
9-10:30 Food Studies 1: Food and Writing
Donna Lee Brien, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton (Aus)
Writing Their Lives in Food: The Australian Food Writers’ Memoir

Moya Costello, Southern Cross University, Lismore (Aus)
Fruit-Driven: A Year in a Wine Column

Melissa Harper, University of Queensland (Aus)
Biting the Hand That Feeds: The Role of Restaurant Critics in Australia

11:00-12.30 Food Studies 2: Food and History
Jill Adams, Coffee Academy, Melbourne (Aus)
Marketing Tea Against a Turning Tide. The Tea Council of Australia 1963 - 1974

Toni Risson, University of Queensland (Aus)
From Bags of Jewels to Ugly, Old Frogs: The Magical Power of Lollies

Leonie Ryder, University of Adelaide (Aus)
Ginger Beer and other Beverages

1:00-2:30 Food Studies 3: Food and Cultural Identity
Roger Haden, University of Adelaide (Aus)
Sus Whaling, Frenchification and Tinned Bull: Tourism, Taste and Cultural Identity in the Pacific Islands

Lorie Brau, University of New Mexico (USA)
Men Cook, Women Eat: Gender in Japanese Culinary Comic Books

Anette Svensson, Umeå University, Sweden (EU)
Food as Representations of Cultural and National Stereotypes in Love and Vertigo and Nina’s Heavenly Delights

3:00-4:30 Food Studies 4: Food and Access
Paul Kloppenborg & Marg Scantlebury, William Angliss Institute, Melbourne (Aus):
Goodbye White Gloves - Bringing Archives To Life: A Case Study of William Angliss Institute Special Collections.

Adele Wessell, Southern Cross University (Aus):
Growing Change: Kitchen Gardens as a ‘Tactic’ Designed To Make a Difference

PopCaanz Annual General Meeting

Friday Room A
9-10:30 Pop Fiction 2 – Australian Crime
Melissa Jane Hardie, University of Sydney (Aus)
From Aaria to Schapelle: True Crime Writing in Australia

Rosalind Smith, University of Newcastle (Aus)
Babysitter Killers and Daughters of Death: Women, true crime and the media in 1970s Australia

Rachel Franks, CQ University (Aus)
Telling Tales: Australian Women Crime Fiction Writers and their Female Narrators

11:00-12.30 Pop Fiction 3: The Seductive Serial Killer in Manga, Film and Literature
Jason Bainbridge, Swinburne University of Technology (Aus)
I will reign over a new world: Death Note and the Utopian Serial Killer

Neil Walsh, Swinburne University of Technology (Aus)
Film, Tourism and the Serial Killer: Mapping the Multiple Constructions of Wolf(e) Creek.

Carolyn Beasley, Swinburne University of Technology (Aus)
Serial Killer as Social Good: The Criminal Fictions of Easton Ellis, Ellroy, Leonard, and Lindsay.

1:00-2:30 Pop Fiction 4: International Popular Fiction
Linda Strahan, University of California, Riverside (USA)
Out in the Cold: The Reykjavik Thrillers of Arnaldur Indridison

Alistair Rolls and Marie-Laure Vuaille-Barcan, University of Newcastle (Aus)
“Freed in Translation: Escaping from Douglas Kennedy’s Australian Heart”

Jean Fornasiero & John West-Sooby, University of Adelaide (Aus)
“Covering up: translating the art of Australian crime fiction into French”

Toni Johnson-Woods, University of Queensland (Aus)
Forgotten Books: Australian Pulp Fiction Industry 1939-1959

Friday Room B
9:00-10:30: Pop Music 1 - Pop Music & History
Jadey O’Regan, Griffith University – Queensland Conservatorium of Music (Aus)
Won’t Be Long Till Summer Time is Through; The Beach Boys’ Music and the California Myth.

Anita Fitton, University of Canberra (Aus)
Power, Politics and Punk.

Tim Laurie, University of Sydney (Aus)
Shop Around: History, Authenticity and Commodification in Motown Records

11:00-12.30 Pop Music 2 - Pop Music & Place
Ed Montano, Macquarie University, Sydney (Aus)
Fuzzy Feelings and Good Vibrations – Festival Culture in Sydney’s Electronic Dance Music Scene.

Ronnie Smart, University of Canterbury (New Zealand)
Factors surrounding the popularity of Chinese-English Codeswitching songs in Shanghai.

Mark Jennings, Murdoch University (Aus)
Realms of re-enchantment: socio-cultural investigations of festival music space.

1:00-2:30 Pop Music 3 - Pop Music& Sound
Richard Rummery, University of New England (Aus)
A Home for Organised Sound.

Andrew Whelan, University of Wollongong (Aus)
Harshing it: aesthetics and meaning in the genre of noise.

Guendalina Carbonelli, Monash University (Aus)
The Voice of Fabrizio De André.

Friday Room C
9-10:30 Visual Cultures 1
Kevin Patrick, Monash (Aus)
In Search of the Great Australian (Graphic) Novel

Daniel Wood, University of Melbourne (Aus)
King of the Urban Frontier: The Behavioural Ethic of Comic-Book Superhero and the Frontier Justice of the American West

Yvette Blackwood, University of Tasmania (Aus)
Becoming and Schizoanalysis in the Graphic Novel: Deleuzian theory and Popular Culture.

Paul Mountfort, Auckland University of Technology (NZ)
“Yellow Skin, Black hair…. Careful Tintin”: The Orient and Orientalism in Herge’s The Blue Lotus."

11:00-12.30 Visual Cultures 2
Elaine Tay, Curtin (Aus)
Beyond Poaching: Alternative universes of Watchmen fanfiction

Katie Cavanagh, Flinders (Aus)
Reading Digital Postcards

Jack Teiwes, University of Melbourne (Aus)
Positive Feedback: Adaptation and intertextuality in the "Superman" multimedia franchise

1:00 – 2:30 Queer Studies 1
Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli.
Passing or Polluting, Pathology or Problem: Where Are Happy Healthy Bisexuality and Polyamory in Film?

Mark Vicars and Kim Senior
Queering the Quotidian: Yaoi, Narrative Pleasures and Reader Response

Mél Hogan & Marie-Claire MacPhee Independent Media is Dependent on You

Samar Habib
Bessam Feghali: Performing in Drag on Mainstream Lebanese Televison,

VIBE Out Room
9:00 – 10:30 Journalism 1
Paul F. Braun, University of Florida, (USA)
The Great Gatsby as Journalism

Seiko Yasumoto, University of Sydney (Aus)
From Supermario to Superheroes: The Changing Significance of the Japanese Media Contents Industry in the Twenty-First Century

John Cokley and Suzanne Dorfield, University of Queensland (Aus)
Drawing the Line: Interactive political cartooning on the WWW

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