Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Conference Update

Hi All

Sent out draft programme today. Hopefully it will all be sorted in a few weeks.

We are setting up a discussion list ... Rebecca Beirne has organised it. I must admit to having dropped the ball on this one. But will try and get it up and running soon.

Vibe hotel is sorting out THEIR it problems and soon you should be able to register online. (I don't want to even tell you how many emails we've exchanged). If you're in Australia you can call them. But here's their ULR http://www.vibehotels.com.au/default.asp?page=/vibe-locations/sydney-hotels/vibe-hotel-sydney/hotel-facilities

Still working out the registration problems with pay pal. But if you can transfer money that's the easiest. For registration forms etc check out the conference website http://www.library.uq.edu.au/ipswich/popcaanz/index.html.

Cheers everyone...

International Chair

Craig Norris from U Tas has agreed to be our international chair!!! He's on study leave at the moment and I'm envious!